Tyler’s Tech News (Thankiversary, WWDC, and WIFO Drum Kit)

Tyler recaps some of this weeks tech news. Here are the articles: Thankiversary – http://tylertech.tk/t-mobile-tuesdays-celebrates-one-year-thankathon/ WWDC – http://tylertech.tk/top-3-announcements-at-wwdc/ Screen Repair Robot – http://tylertech.tk/apple-share-screen-repair-robot/ WIFO Drum Kit – http://tylertech.tk/wifo-drum-kit-funded-kickstarter/ Links: youtube.com/tylertech01 tylertech.tk source

International Best Future Cars 2050 Technology

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Updates Schwifty App

THINGS ADDED#### ManageNotificationPage activity_manager_notification_panel A button to the manager panel That is where the time off request should be pushed i used the code from the other panel so the source can be easily modified. びぇえ source